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trusted Search engine marketing agency since 2015

The Trusted S.E.M. Agency since 2015

Qupify's Search Engine Marketing branch has helped clients stand-out on popular search engines for over 7 years now, and we have partnered with various brands and businesses from small, medium and large enterprises.

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3 hrs.  of Work Utilization
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Writing, Programming)

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Website Management
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10 Target Posts on SM

5 hrs.  of Work Utilization
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Writing, Programming)

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15 SEO Keywords

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15 Blog Post

Website Management
3 hrs. per month

15 Target Posts on SM

10 hrs.  of Work Utilization
(​Graphic Design, Content
Writing, Programming)

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What Are Search Engines​?

Search Engines are one of the most important tools online. It is difficult to imagine using the internet without search engines. The most popular search engine is Google which accounts for more than 92% of the worldwide market share. Other search engines include Microsoft Bing and Yahoo.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ensures your visibility in the wide wide world of the internet. It is a pay-per-click strategy for your ads to appear in SERPs and therefore reach more customers who are at all levels of awareness about your product or service.

what are search engines
Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
search engine marketing can increase online presence
1. Increased Online Presence

Grow your audience and receive inquiries immediately with an increased online presence. SEM makes it possible for you to be visible and have a firm foothold online. Whether your customers are on Google, Facebook, or any social media site, let people find you anywhere, anytime!

enhanced brand awareness and visibility
2. Enhanced Brand Awareness & Visibility

Branding is a way of letting people know who you are and what services/products you offer. SEM helps increase your brand awareness and visibility by placing your business on top of every search engine everywhere (Google, Bing, etc.). HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

Generates leads and sales
3. Generates Leads and Sales

Although it takes a good amount of investment to advertise your business online, you can expect more people to find you. With paid ad campaigns, you have a bigger chance to generate more leads and sales. This will be a great return-on- investment for you.

FAQs About Search Engine Management (SEM)

 ​What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a type of advertising that uses search engines to help people find information they are looking for on the internet. It includes things like advertising on search engines in order to increase revenue.

 ​​Why Should I Care About Search Engine Marketing?

Not only is search engine marketing one of the fastest growing and popular new marketing channels available, it’s also the most cost-effective. Search engine marketing is a great way to build a brand. It's also very cost-effective. That means it's a very inexpensive way to get customers.

 ​​Is Search Engine Marketing Right For My Company?

Unless your company operates in a cave and your customers are cave dwellers, then YES! You'll always want to be visible among your customers wherever they are. Search Engine Marketing makes it possible for you, and It is perfect for all types of businesses, no matter what industry you're from.

 ​​​How Do I Get Started With SEM Activities?

The best and easiest way to get started with Search Engine Marketing efforts is to contact us. Our team knows what to do so you can start your SEM journey.

 ​​Why Would I Choose Qupify For Search Engine Marketing Services?

Qupify (formerly known as LP7 Marketing) only has one goal - to help businesses grow and thrive no matter what industry you're from. We offer excellent services while maintaining a genuine partnership with our clients. With years of experience in the making, Qupify generates a measurable return-on-investment (ROI) for clients of website design, SEO and digital marketing services. And we believe we can do the same for you!

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