If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify

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How long have you been using Groupon to satisfy your shopping appetite? If you are looking for another site that also offers coupons and big discounts, you are going to love Qupify! People from different walks of life love discounts, and who wouldn’t feel the urge to purchase a brand new item valued at $500 for $250 right? You just have to log in and find a 50% discount right away—how amazing is that?
One of the main reasons why group-buying sites like Groupon, Living Social, eBay, and Amazon are wildly popular with consumers is because they offer great deals and discounts. These internationally famous sites provide convenience to shoppers and allow them to save time and money.
If you are an entrepreneur venturing into discount shopping through coupons as part of your overall marketing plan, you will need a better understanding of how it works. This type of promotion aims to transform the world of online shopping by providing users convenience and a secure site where they can easily look for stores, products, and services.
In the same way that Groupon promotes different brands and makes it easier for consumers to find the best deals and discounts, Qupify does the same things but a little differently. Qupify provides affordable and sustainable marketing solutions for businesses and transforms online shopping into a safe, fun, and convenient experience.

The Truth About Qupify

online shopping site, If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
What is Qupify, and what does it do? Qupify wants to provide businesses the same—if not better—opportunities to survive and thrive even during unexpected circumstances like the current pandemic. This promising platform gives businesses the freedom to create their own offers to boost their marketing efforts and achieve greater success. In the same way, it also creates a safe, stress-free, and secure shopping experience.
With Groupon being the juggernaut of e-commerce, what else is there with Qupify? There’s more to Qupify than its catchy name. If you sign up your business with Qupify, not only will help customers enjoy their purchases but also save time for your team and allow them to focus more on your internal management and operations.
Furthermore, you can sit back and allow the Qupify team to take care of your online marketing at a very affordable price. Zero monthly subscription fee with only 25% transaction fee per sale—sounds like a really great deal, right? Let’s talk more about what makes Qupify different in its own way.
online shopping site, If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
The comparison above shows that whatever benefit Groupon has is also something that Qupify has in place. Increased Traffic, Inventory Move, Incremental Revenue, and Relationship Building are fundamental things you need to know that the partnership with Groupon or Qupify offers great benefits for your business.
Groupon says they make money by charging a marketing fee for advertising and promoting their offers. In most cases, that fee is a percentage of the revenue generated by selling on their website. “When you sell on Groupon, there are no hidden costs or fees. We help you prepare for an increase in customer volume, give you proofs of the deal before it goes live, and work with you during and after your campaign to make sure everything runs smoothly.”
A Groupon promotion can be a way to attract a lot of consumers and entice potential customers to try your products and services. Groupon currently has thousands of partners on its website, giving consumers thousands of great offers and daily deals. In simpler terms, Groupon is very capable of advertising your business to a bigger and wider audience.
Groupon and Qupify are solid advertising platforms and have built a good reputation among businesses and consumers. Group-buying sites like these two don’t make money until your business makes money, which means that you only get charged after you make a sale.

Qupify: Unique in Its Own Way

online shopping site, If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
If you visit Qupify, you’ll immediately notice how simple and easy the website is; it has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward approach. It’s a great place to discover famous stores near your location and stores you’ve probably never heard of.

It’s true that great products or services always come with a great price. And with a secure website and clear payout structure like Qupify, businesses can sell with confidence and more. In the same way, consumers can easily find quality products and services that they need, saving time and money.

Detailed Benefits of using Qupify

1. Your $100 goes a long way. You can become an official Qupify partner for only $100 instead of $500. The cost-effective partnership takes no commission fee, no hidden charges, and no renewal obligations, which means you do not have any financial burden as you start promoting on their website. In effect, you get more of what you want for your business without spending extra bucks in boosting your marketing efforts.

2. Qupify keeps 10% of your profits. When a shopper purchases a deal, Qupify only takes 10% of the revenue. You will not be charged with any commission, listing, or unexpected fees. And again, they don’t make money until you make money. Sounds fair, right?

3. Real-time updates. Becoming an official business partner of Qupify means easy tracking of your coupon, from the redemption of the shoppers to the performance of your business. You can track your success with 100% transparency in your advertising efforts. The Qupify website also gives real-time updates, which means you can monitor and get notified of the progress anytime, anywhere.

4. Business-to-consumer relationship. New and repeat customers will receive updates about your promotions. Since the ultimate benefit is advertising, lasting connections with your consumers can be formed with more clientele. As you provide consumers better reasons to buy—quality products and discounted prices—they can give better support to your business in return.

5. Double exposure. To increase your potential conversion rate, Qupify will also feature your business on their official Facebook page. Part of the partnership package is to give your business powerful exposure to an entirely new set of customers on social media. Not to mention the first page listing on search engines like Google.

6. Clear and transparent payout structure. Qupify remains transparent even in their payout structure. For their business partners, the payout is scheduled on the 1st and 16th day of every month. If you are tired of inconsistent arrangements about your sales, Qupify will get you out of this nightmare.

How to start the partnership

If you’re convinced and ready to start a partnership with Qupify, you can get a complete guide from their website here: https://qupify.com/for-business

1. Sign up to become an Qupify business partner.

2. Send an e-mail to info@qupify.com about your three offers with the following details:

NOTE: Your monthly payment of $100 already covers the three (3) offers.

3. This is when the work begins.
4. Our team does the quality check and publishes your offers on the website so shoppers will start to see your products and services on Qupify.

The goal is clear

online shopping site, If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
The goal of Qupify is clear, the steps are easy, and the process is hassle-free. You just to take the first step to begin the journey.

For Businesses

Do you want to prioritize selling slow-moving items or unutilized service? Partner with Qupify! Online advertising with a very low transaction fee of 10% per sale? That’s the kind of partnership a wise entrepreneur would want to sign up for.
Any business owner needs to have a broader perspective when it comes to introducing their brand to a bigger audience. One has to be research-oriented, open-minded, and ready for innovation. And if you want to attract more customers and gain an advantage over the competitors, Qupify offers you a cost-effective marketing plan that works best for your business.
Qupify believes that your business deserves the right exposure, and they are here to help succeed in the world of online marketing. Whether you run a restaurant, spa, salon, shoe company, gym, bar, or whatever line of business, they are prepared to help you. You just have to JOIN until you EARN and continue to GROW.
For Consumers
Do you dislike having to queue at the mall to catch the limited sale at the last minute? Skip the hassle and shop on Qupify. It’s comfortable and convenient when you have the power to get the best deals on your favorite items. You don’t have to rush to the store anymore to get that limited timeoffer. You can just stay at home, watch your favorite show, and eat your favorite burrito while shopping online.
With hundreds of current options, you might just discover some local stores near you. And if you purchase from them, you are giving back to your neighborhood community. Qupify believes that if they give shoppers a convenient option to shop for products and services at discounted prices, they can get more of what they need. And when they do, they can give better support to local businesses, which is good for the community. Qupify is not just a platform but one with a good purpose.
If you shop on Qupify, finding the stores near you wouldn’t be as hard anymore. Enjoy amazing deals and save big on your monthly budget. You can grab coupons for a gym membership, hair treatment at the salon, a box of pizza, and a lot more. It’s as easy as SELECT, BUY, and ENJOY.

Support local

online shopping site, If You Like Groupon, You Will Love Qupify, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
Are you ready to #shoplocal and #supportlocal? Hundreds to thousands of deals are waiting for you! Know what’s popular, new, and trending in Maryland, Illinois, District of Colombia, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, in just clicks or taps on your phone.
Qupify may be new but is equipped to give you something you’ll love. It is designed to give joy to businesses and shoppers. You’re going to love shopping on Qupify because it is not a complicated shopping site and is really easy to navigate, even for the non-techy ones. It has zero unrelated ads or irrelevant sections on the website. Be the happiest shopper by visiting Qupify today!

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