Educational Child Care Programs – CCFD Waldorf

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Children undergo a process of growth and development. It is crucial that they are guided properly as their skills are being developed and their mind continues to expand with the knowledge they gain from what they see and hear everyday.
“Together, We Are Better.” For years, CCFD Waldorf has been fostering kids with fun activities that contribute to their growth and development. CCFD Waldorf is one of the two child care centers of the Children’s Center for Discovery. The second center is located in Monrovia [READ: CCFD Monrovia]. They provide holistic, family-styled child care for your kids. Their classrooms provide a safe, stress-free and family-friendly environment. But the best part of all this is that they have programs where your child can participate and engage in fun and exciting activities.
With CCFD Waldorf, you can be sure that your child will have the best time of his/her life. Because here, learning and discovery is so much more fun.

How to Get CCFD Waldorf coupons?

CCFD Waldorf provides comfort and care for your infant/toddler as they take their first steps to learning and discovery. Sign up to their Child Care For Infants and Toddlers Program with a weekly rate of only $252.
Learning is always ON THE MOVE when your child turns two. Invest in their growth and development with CCFD Waldorf’s Child Care For Twos Program with a weekly rate of only $198.
They also have an amazing program for potty-trained 3-year-olds. Help develop your child’s other essential skills with CCFD Waldorf’s Child Care For Threes (Potty Trained) Program. Sign up your child with a weekly rate of only $180.
Is your 3-year-old not potty trained yet? CCFD Waldorf give proper guidance to help your child develop new skills, including potty training. You can sign up your child to their Child Care For Threes (Not Potty Trained) Program with a weekly rate of only $198.
Preschool is an essential stage to your child’s growth. Invest in your child’s preschool years and sign them up to CCFD Waldorf’s amazing Child Care For Preschoolers (Four Years Old) with a weekly rate of only $180.
Give your child the proper guidance to help them develop great study habits with CCFD Waldorf’s Child Care For School-Age Program. Sign up your child with a weekly rate of only $157.5.

Where is CCFD Waldorf located?

CCFD Waldorf is located at 3610 Leonardtown Road, Waldorf, MD. If you reside within or nearby the area, feel free to visit them to see for yourself their amazing classrooms as well as the family friendly environment they offer. If you are looking for a child care center that offers not only learning programs but also great and holistic family-styled child care in Waldorf, CCFD Waldorf is the perfect choice for you.
Phone number: (301) 843-1010
IMPORTANT NOTE: The contact information, discounts, and services mentioned are accurate from the time of writing this article. You can also visit the complete list of coupons by clicking this link.

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