Shopping on Qupify – An Alternative to Living Social

Qupify: Bringing Discounts and Savings to Your Home

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Time and again, discount shopping has proven to be a convenient way of giving consumers more reasons to enjoy their buying experience online. Coupon, vouchers, promo codes, free shipping—who wouldn’t love to see these when you’re on a tight budget? But even the wealthier ones use coupon and grab discounts too.
Due to continuous breakthroughs in technology, many business organizations have switched over from the traditional way of selling goods and services to the modern method, which is online shopping. The internet, which we know has revolutionized the way we work and live, has become a main vehicle for business owners to venture into e-commerce or the buying and selling of things in the digital space.
alternative online shopping site, Shopping on Qupify – An Alternative to Living Social, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping, mentions the top six reasons given by shoppers on why the prefer buying through the internet. (Visit the link for more information.)
We’ve talked about online shopping and discount shopping in some other blogs. We’ve also talked about the differences between Qupify and other as group-buying sites. Now it’s time we talk about the similarities between Qupify and LivingSocial, and what makes the former different.
Before you continue, what questions do you have in mind? Perhaps you’re thinking why compare Qupify, an amateur in the field of online shopping, with giants like Groupon and LivingSocial. True enough, Qupify is a fresh, brand new online shopping site, but a promising one. As of this writing, it has hundreds of coupon offers from different business partners in California, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and the District of Colombia.

Why trust Qupify

alternative online shopping site, Shopping on Qupify – An Alternative to Living Social, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
It is the mission of Qupify to provide consumers a safe and secure online shopping experience. In the same way that it supports the consumers, it also aims to earn the trust of businesses by providing a profitable partnership. Qupify is an amazing platform that wants to promote and save local businesses and help the community.
The promising online shopping site currently partners with different types of businesses that offer food, beauty and spa services, travel, wellness, home services, accommodation, and even education. It does not necessarily compete with Groupon or LivingSocial. What it wants to accomplish is to give online shoppers a good alternative if they want to save big from their budget cut. Whether Qupify is better than LivingSocial or not, it continues to provide excellent services to businesses and online shoppers.
Furthermore, what it truly wants to accomplish is to provide businesses the same—if not better—opportunities and services to thrive and grow, especially during this pandemic. It sets that long-term goal which provides business owners or entrepreneurs the freedom to promote their products and services and earn bigger profits without spending too much. At the same time, it helps consumers or online shoppers enjoy a stress-free and convenient online shopping experience.

What Makes Qupify Different

alternative online shopping site, Shopping on Qupify – An Alternative to Living Social, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons


  • Attract New Customers
  • Relationship Building
  • Effective Advertising
  • Inventory Move


  • Attract New Customers
  • Relationship Building
  • Effective Advertising
  • Inventory Move
It can be easily understood that Qupify shares the same main benefits as provided by LivingSocial.
Attract new customers. If you are running a start-up and want to capture the attention of new customers, a promotion through Qupify could also be the way to do so. You cannot underestimate the potential of Qupify as it not only helps you extend your target market reach but also retain your returning customers.
Relationship Building. Attracting new customers is one thing; retaining and building a good relationship with them is another. Now that new customers have discovered your store through online shopping, how do you plan to keep them? Qupify helps its business partners build new customer relationships by structuring a promotion that does not only aim to attract but also interact.
Effective Advertising. Discount shopping through coupons is indeed one of the best marketing strategies to leverage your resources during this digital age. Now that businesses are going online, would you allow your business to get stuck in the past? As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Qupify sees online coupons as a valuable form of advertising, especially during crises where people really look for discounted prices in order to maximize their budget and resources.
If you sign up with Qupify, you don’t have to do anything except to wait for people to purchase your coupon. Whether your sold coupon gets redeemed or not, you get paid. Qupify will take good care of your promotion by advertising your products or services on the website. Not only that, it will feature your business on Facebook page too—so that’s another platform and avenue to increase your online presence.
Inventory Move. Do you have items that are so hard to sell or get sold? Online coupons can help you with slow-moving items. In times when your business needs to move a certain amount of inventory, the discount promotion offered by Qupify can also help you. With online coupons, you can prioritize slow-moving items and boost the traffic to your store. And while customers walk around your store, they might just discover some of your products or services too.

Detailed benefits of using Qupify

alternative online shopping site, Shopping on Qupify – An Alternative to Living Social, News and Blogs | Latest discounts, deals, and coupons
You can become an official Qupify partner for only $100 instead of $500. The cost-effective partnership takes no commission fee, no hidden charges, and no renewal obligations, which means you do not have any financial burden as you start promoting on the website. In effect, you get more of what you want for your business without spending extra bucks boosting your marketing efforts.
When a shopper purchases a deal, Qupify only takes 10% of the revenue. You will not be charged with any listing or unexpected fees. And again, they don’t make money until you make money. Sounds fair, right?
Becoming an official business partner of Qupify means easy tracking of your coupon, from the redemption of the shoppers to the performance of your business. You can track your success with 100% transparency in your advertising efforts. The website also gives real-time updates, which means you can monitor and get notified of the progress anytime, anywhere.
New and repeat customers will receive updates about your promotions. Since the ultimate benefit is advertising, you can build lasting connections with more clientele. As you provide consumers better reasons to buy—quality products and discounted prices—they can give better support to your business in return.
To increase your potential conversion rate, Qupify will also write a blog about your business profile and feature your business on official Facebook. Part of the partnership package is to give your business powerful exposure to an entirely new set of customers on social media.
Qupify remains transparent even in the payout structure. For the business partners, the payout is scheduled on the 5th or 20th day of every month. If you are tired of inconsistent arrangements about your sales, Qupify will get you out of this nightmare.

How to start the partnership

If you’re convinced and ready to start a partnership, get a complete guide here:
1. Sign up to become a Qupify business partner.
2. Send an e-mail to about your three offers with the following details:

NOTE: Your monthly payment of $100 already covers the three (3) offers.

3. This is when the work begins.
4. Time to do a quality check and make your offers live. After the team reviews and approves your offers, these will be published on the website so more customers will know about your business and visit your store.
The bottom line: Qupify aims to be the first choice. It brings you benefits that you cannot find from other online shopping sites. If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to waste time and effort nor spend extra bucks on your marketing campaign, Qupify is the perfect partner for you.
If you are a consumer who loves to save money, purchasing coupons on the website is also the perfect place to shop for more products and services that you need. With Qupify, the future of online shopping is bright and clear. Enjoy exclusive benefits of shopping for discounts while supporting the local stores near you.

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